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Amela is more than a sister, she is an inspiration, a powerful woman, determined to fight to reach that place in the world that we women who pursue our dreams deserve. No matter where you are today, she is there too, supporting you and her entire group of capable and enterprising women. ​


Amela does not have a country, a residence, a single way of being, she is all Latin American, diverse, inclusive and revolutionary, and she is there believing in your capacity, and feeding your desire to go out and conquer the world and break the barriers that patriarchal society has imposed on us. Encouraging us to believe in our creative, imaginative and ingenious potential, capable of generating ideas that break paradigms and give new meaning to the valuable group of women who are part of it.

Image by Womanizer Toys

As a sister and as an accomplice, Amela is there to empower you at every stage of your process. But, not only that, her mission is also to connect you with more women who, just like you and her, are full of desire to stand out in a competitive world to become new benchmarks for entrepreneurship, improvement and revolution. In this way we intend to generate an exchange of knowledge, mutual support, where reciprocity begins to take shape between women who share the same ideal and work for the same objective. ​


This is how this "women mafia" is consolidated, which helps, supports and promotes itself by germinating solidarity, empathy and rapprochement between women through their similarities and differences, where we all find a common point: Breaking paradigms and raising the collective of women to position ourselves in a market where we currently do not have enough recognition. ​ With this, Amela understands that unity is strength, and that the more women are part of the network, the stronger its impact and effect will be.


Like a fabric, the more threads the less opportunity to break, that's how we are when we unite with more women, we become powerful and unbreakable. In this way, we create a barrier of women leaders, empowered, full of knowledge that we will be more and more changing the world and allowing others to follow in our footsteps, with less and less obstacle.

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